About TintCenter Store

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It all started more than a decade ago with the simple frustration of getting my car tinted. This led to the launch of the TintCenter.com informational site dedicated to giving those new to the world of window tint a fair shake at understanding the products and making an educated buying decision.

TintCenter has become a hub for tint shops of all stripes: car, home, decorative, and commercial, to look for information and find customers. In 2010, TintCenter has expanded further with the launch of TintCenter Store.

We partner with top of the line domestic and international window film manufacturers to bring the professional grade quality window films to the online marketplace.

TintCenter Store is focused on serving professional tinters with quality window film choices. We do understand that there are many DIY consumers out there searching for window film information, but this store is not for you. Please try SnapTint Window Films.

SnapTint offers products dedicated to DIY home and automotive products that are pre-cut to custom dimensions and instructional videos for beginners.

To all of you, from all of us at TC - Thank you and Happy Shopping!

TintCenter Team